Famous Phis

  • Barbara Barrie
    Barbara Barrie (Omega, University of Texas) —

    Noted TV, Broadway stage actress. Leading roles in "Tucker's Witch", "Barney Miller" and "Suddenly Susan" on TV, on Broadway in "California Suite."

  • Marilyn Beck (Xi, University of Southern California) —

    Nationally syndicated Hollywood columnist and widely-published author

  • Harriet Beloff (Epsilon Alpha, Michigan State University) —

    Figure skater, 1956 Olympic gold medal winner.

  • Carol Lynn Blum (Alpha Eta, University of Miami) —

    Miss Florida 1965, Third runner-up Miss America 1965.

  • Nancy Goodman Brinker
    Nancy Goodman Brinker (Mu, University of Illinois) —

    Founder of the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research; appointed in 2001 as Ambassador to Hungary.

  • Lillian Copeland (Xi, University of Southern California) —

    Olympic athlete; broke world and Olympic records in 1932 Olympic games in discus.

  • Karen Feld (Nu, University of Pittsburgh) —

    Free-lance journalist and national public speaker on Congressional, health and women's issues in Washington, D.C. Frequently published in "Family Circle", "People" and "Parade." Regular columnist in "Capital Hill."

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Kappa, Cornell University) —

    Supreme Court Justice

  • Elizabeth Meyer Glazer
    Elizabeth Meyer Glazer (Sigma, University of Wisconsin) —

    Co-Founder (with Susie Bernstein Zeegen) of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

  • Sherrill Hoffman Grean (Epsilon, Newcomb College ) —

    Producer/Director of "All My Children" TV series.

  • Lenore Oppenheimer Hershey (Beta, Hunter College) —

    Senior Editor of "McCall's Magazine." Widely-published author and columnist.

  • Erica Hill
    Erica Hill (Alpha Chi, Boston University) —

    Anchor on NBC's "Today Show, Weekend Edition"; Formerly with CBS’s “The Early Show” and anchor of “The Saturday Early Show”; formerly with CNN

  • Judith Hirschfield (Alpha Nu, Carnegie Mellon University) —

    First woman to teach math at Harvard University.

  • Randi Kaye
    Randi Kaye (Alpha Chi, Boston University) —

    Reporter and anchor for CNN

  • Bessie Margolin (Epsilon , Newcomb College) —

    U.S. Labor Department Appeals attorney. Practices before the Supreme Court.

  • Stacy Nuvemen
    Stacy Nuvemen (Phi, UCLA) —

    2000 Olympic gold medalist for softball

  • Anita Morris Perlman (Omicron, Northwestern University) —

    First woman to be named Brandeis University's Women of the Year. Also, first woman to chair a B'nai B'rith agency (BB Youth Commission), founded B'nai B'rith Girls, President of 13 civic organizations.

  • Kelli Kirkland Powers
    Kelli Kirkland Powers (Phi, UCLA) —

    Actress and host who has appeared on HGTV's "Take Over My Makeover" and numerous other network shows.

  • Bernice Preisser (Nu, University of Pittsburgh) —

    First woman president in 40 year history of Pittsburgh Advertising Club.

  • Charlotte Rae
    Charlotte Rae (Omicron, Northwester University) —

    Leading TV star in own series "Facts of Life". Starred on Broadway as Mammy Yokum in "Li'l Abner."

  • Judith Resnik
    Judith Resnik (Alpha Nu, Carnegie Mellon University) —

    Second woman astronaut, killed aboard the Challenger space craft.

  • Nan Herman Rich (Alpha Tau, University of Florida) —

    Past national president of National Council of Jewish Women; member of the Florida state legislature.

  • Miriam Freund Rosenthal (Zeta, New York University) —

    Past National President of Hadassah, "Who's Who in American Women", Jewish Federation, Chairman of National Youth Aliyah, Founder of Intercollegiate Zionist Youth Federation of America.

  • Beth Kersten Saul (Xi, UCLA) —

    First Jewish woman to be Chairman of the National Panhellenic Conference (1987-1989).

  • Dinah (Fannie Rose) Shore
    Dinah (Fannie Rose) Shore (Chi, Vanderbilt University) —

    Top TV and superstar for more than 35 years, president of the Chi Chapter.

  • Ruth Freeman Solomon (Iota, Syracuse University) —

    Author, Novels: The Candlesticks and the Cross, The Eagle and the Dove, and The Ultimate Triumph.

  • Annette Greenfield Strauss (Omega, University of Texas) —

    First woman mayor of Dallas, Texas.

  • Carol Tuttle (Omicron, Northwestern University) —

    Founder and partner in Sinnet, Inc. (Tennis spelled backwards), manufacturer of tennis and gold outfits sold nationwide.

  • Carmen Harvey Warschaw (Phi, UCLA) —

    Chair of California Democratic Party, Chair of California State Fair Employment Practices commission, 1953 Democratic Convention delegate, L.A. Times "Woman of the Year."

  • Lauren Weisberger
    Lauren Weisberger (Kappa, Cornell University) —

    Author, The Devil Wears Prada, Everyone Worth Knowing and Chasing Harry Winston

  • Delores Kosberg Wilkenfeld (Omega, University of Texas) —

    Past President of National Federation of Temple Sisterhoods.

  • Harriet Freedman Woods
    Harriet Freedman Woods (Pi, University of Michigan) —

    Former Lieutenant Governor, State of Missouri, chair of the Democratic Women's Caucus.

  • Helen Levison Worth (Pi, University of Michigan) —

    Owns world-famous gourmet cooking school in New York. Author of several cookbooks, including Hostess Without Help.

  • Susie Bernstein Zeegen (Xi, University of Southern California) —

    Co-Founder (with Elizabeth Meyer Glazer) of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.