Alpha Iota Recharters

Alpha Iota Chapter rechartered at University of Minnesota: On Sunday, October 27, 2013, Alpha Epsilon Phi rechartered our Alpha Iota Chapter at the University of Minnesota.  The chapter was originally chartered on November 16, 1938 and closed 1976. In 2001, a group of Jewish women who knew each other from Hillel and the local Jewish community wanted to become an organized Jewish women's group at the University of Minnesota.  After operating as a local sorority for many years, the group began to realize that they were not getting what they wanted out of their sorority experience.  They explored their options and determined that joining a national sorority with values aligned to theirs was in their best interest.  After going through the formal process, AEPhi returned to campus in December of 2008 to restart the long and vibrant tradition of the chapter. Since then, the colony has been guided by former Traveling Educational Consultant Rachel Campbell, their chapter support team, and outstanding advisors to achieve academic excellence, develop an outstanding sisterhood, actively participate in their Panhellenic and Greek communities and establish a solid foundation of chapter operations. AEPhi congratulates the members of Alpha Iota Chapter on this achieving this milestone!