Collegiate Advisory Committee

Have you ever felt like you wanted to share your ideas with the National Council but did not know how to do it? Do you care so much about AEPhi that you want to get more involved at a higher level? Are you interested in enhancing your personal and professional development while making a difference in our sorority? If you answered yes to these questions, the AEPhi Collegiate Advisory Committee may be for you! The AEPhi Collegiate Advisory Committee serves as an undergraduate voice to the volunteers who work to support them. The Collegiate Advisory Committee provides an informed perspective on modern student life as well as fresh and new ideas. The CAC also serves as a sounding board for new programs and policies, when needed. CAC members are called upon at various times throughout the academic year to provide insight and ideas in their areas of interest and specialty. Additionally, CAC members act as liaisons between National Council and their peers. Each CAC member is assigned a set list of chapters and colonies. This allows the chapter/colony presidents to have one consistent CAC contact throughout a school year. It also helps the CAC members build relationships and learn about the chapters and colonies they work with.

For more information and how to apply see the CAC page in the Collegains section.