Second Avenue Program

At President’s Academy, we rolled out the newly aligned Second Avenue programming. The programming will encompass the entire collegiate programming experience. Programming is divided into three areas: · Phis Impacting Self · Phis Impacting Sisterhood · Phis Impacting Society Phis Impacting Self Phis Impacting Self focuses on the personal development of the individual sister in the areas of: academic excellence, service to others, professional development, health and wellness and ongoing leadership development. The goal of this aspect of the AVENUE program is to help sisters develop personal and professional skills connected to our values that they can use while on campus and after graduation. This is the aspect of sorority that dedicates time to the development of the whole person. Phis Impacting Sisterhood Phis Impacting Sisterhood focuses on the unique relationships that members of Alpha Epsilon Phi build over the course of their lifetime membership. By developing strong bonds of sisterhood locally and creating a more meaningful understanding of the ritual that connects all AEPhis, sisters will have a deeper connection to what it means to be a lifelong member. Members will also gain an understanding of our Jewish identity and build relationships with alumnae members and the sorority foundation. Sisters will also develop an understanding of collective action to benefit the sorority, including academics and risk management. Phis Impacting Society Phis Impacting Society focuses on the commitment that members of AEPhi make to bettering the communities in which we are a part. Collectively through community service, philanthropy, Greek community and campus participation as well as a strong connection to the Jewish community, members of Alpha Epsilon Phi will make an impact and leave a legacy. We are excited about these changes and can’t wait to see them implemented by our chapters and colonies.