Collegiate FAQs

Does AEPhi offer scholarships?

The Alpha Epsilon Phi Foundation awards academic scholarships each year for both undergraduates and graduate students.  Preference for undergraduate scholarships is given to juniors, seniors and graduate applicants must be entering at least the second year of their graduate studies. Applications are available online in January; the application deadline is April 1st.

I am uncomfortable with some of the activities I’m being asked to do as a new member? What should I do?

First, talk to the chapter new member educator and/or chapter president and explain your concerns. If immediate changes are not made to the new member program, please call the AEPhi National Office.  Or to report hazing anonymously, call the toll-free anti-hazing hotline at (888) NOT-HAZE or (888) 668-4293. All calls will be held in the strictest confidence – and all allegations of hazing carefully investigated; chapters face severe penalties if reported incidents are confirmed.

AEPhi – like all National Panhellenic Conference sororities – does not tolerate hazing. Hazing is a violation of university policy and is prohibited in most states as well. Unfortunately hazing is a societal problem and is often confused with tradition on many college campuses.

I’m struggling to pay my sorority dues – what can I do?

Talk to the chapter vice president-finance immediately and ask if a payment plan can be arranged. Often, payments can be spread out over an entire year, not just the school year.

Am I required to live in the sorority house?

All house-operating chapters have live-in requirements, usually two years – and yes, those requirements must be met by members in good standing – with rare exception. If the house is filled to capacity, often chapters will allow women to live out but that is entirely at the discretion of the house corporation. Calculate the cost of room and board in off campus housing and you’ll appreciate the cost and convenience of living in an AEPhi house!

I will be a senior next year and don’t see the advantages of remaining a dues-paying member. Can I just become an alumna?

No, AEPhi is not just a three or four year experience; it’s for a lifetime. When you pledged you committed to remaining a member throughout your college career. Maintaining an AEPhi membership during your senior year offers certain perks, including, but not limited to: participation in all AEPhi chapter activities and social events like formal and senior farewell, meals, if a member of a house operating chapter, eligibility for AEPhi Foundation graduate scholarships, legacy privileges and more! Remain a dues-paying AEPhi through your graduation and you’ll become an AEPhi alumna with numerous opportunities for involvement on the national level