Prospective Member FAQs

Why should I join AEPhi?

Sorority enhances college life.  Membership in Alpha Epsilon Phi opens to doors to leadership development and community involvement, social interaction, academic support and most importantly, a “family” away from home.

Does AEPhi offer scholarships?

The Alpha Epsilon Phi Foundation awards academic scholarships each year for both undergraduates and graduate students.  Preference for undergraduate scholarships is given to juniors, seniors and graduate applicants must be entering at least the second year of their graduate studies.  Applications are available on-line in January; application deadline is April 1st.

Does AEPhi haze?

AEPhi – like all National Panhellenic Conference sororities – does not tolerate hazing.  Hazing is a violation of university policy and is prohibited in many states as well.  Unfortunately hazing is a societal problem and is often confused with tradition on many college campuses.  Alpha Epsilon Phi participates in an anti-hazing hotline (888-NOT-HAZE or 888-668-4293), and all allegations of hazing are carefully investigated.  Chapters face severe penalties if reported incidents are confirmed.

I’m a legacy so does that mean I will automatically become an AEPhi?

Legacies are given careful consideration because of their familial ties to AEPhi but are not guaranteed a bid to an AEPhi chapter.

I’m not sure if I can afford a sorority – what does it cost to join?

Cost varies from chapter to chapter. Some chapters are house-operating which means members are expected to live in for one to two years of their college career; others operate without housing. First year membership includes all new member and initiation fees therefore more costly than future years. During recruitment, chapters will provide a full breakdown of costs. Often, payment plans can be arranged.

Do you have to be Jewish to pledge AEPhi?

AEPhi is a Jewish sorority but not a religious organization.  Membership is open to all college women, regardless of religion, who honor, respect and appreciate our Jewish founding and are comfortable in a culturally Jewish environment.

I’m not sure I want to pledge a sorority right away. Can I pledge later in the year or when I’m a sophomore?

You can certainly delay going through the recruitment process but bear in mind different campuses follow different schedules. Some hold recruitment prior to the first day of school in the fall; others schedule recruitment second semester or early spring. Depending upon the campus numbers, chapters may achieve quota (the number of women they are allowed to pledge) for the year during their official recruitment period. Yet others will be able to continue to recruitment members for several weeks. Check with the Panhellenic on your campus to help guide your decision.