Presidents Academy

The Alpha Epsilon Phi Presidents Academy is an intensive, three-day workshop for the women who lead our chapters. Every chapter and colony is represented, and this cutting-edge training is led by some of the best minds and leaders from both AEPhi and the interfraternal world.

While the curriculum is evaluated and updated annually, the information covered in the program stays consistent.  Participants are welcomed at a Shabbat dinner and spend the first evening in icebreakers and small group meetings.  Another constant is the Katz Leadership Symposium, funded by the Alpha Epsilon Phi Foundation’s Katz Leadership Development Fund.  Symposium speakers have included nationally known leadership organizational development speakers.

Throughout the weekend, presentations address a wide range of topics, including:

  • Roles and responsibilities of a president
  • Leading as exemplary women
  • Officer transition
  • Effective goal setting and strategic planning
  • Utilizing executive boards, delegating, and encouraging accountability
  • How to run a meeting
  • Risk management
  • Balancing leadership and friendship
  • Conflict resolution
  • Time and stress management
  • Overcoming chapter apathy
  • Living our ritual
  • Working with the National Office and chapter support teams
  • Identifying emerging leaders
  • Utilizing campus resources for ongoing leadership training
  • Social media
  • Building action plans

The classroom sessions are complemented by small group discussions, team meetings, social activities, one-on-one meetings with the chapter/colony presidents and the National President, and unstructured free time in which presidents can get to know and learn from each other. To hear feedback on the program from some of the participants, click here

Presidents Academy is made possible by the generous funding of the AEPhi Foundation and their donors.  The Alpha Epsilon Phi Foundation supports the development of ethics, intellect and leadership, and enriches our members individually and our chapters collectively, through scholarships, educational programming and lifetime giving opportunities.   Foundation felt there was no better way to develop leadership than by supporting an annual President Academy. To learn more about how to contribute to Foundation to support this program in the future, click here