Foundation FAQs

What is the Alpha Epsilon Phi Foundation? 

The Alpha Epsilon Phi Foundation is a New York corporation operated for charitable and educational purposes.  Its primary purposes are to promote and support the educational and philanthropic aims of the sorority and its members. 

When was the Foundation started? 

The Alpha Epsilon Phi Foundation was created in 1959 and was the first NPC sorority foundation.

Who oversees the Foundation? 

An independent Board of Trustees, all of whom are APEhis, has the responsibility of managing the affairs of the Foundation.

Are gifts to the Foundation tax-deductible?  

Yes.  The Foundation is tax exempt under the Internal Revenue Code section 501(C)(3).

What are the major endeavors of the Foundation at the present time?

  • Providing scholarships to undergraduate and graduate members
  • Underwriting of programs that support the educational aims of the sorority for both collegians and alumnae
  • Developing campaigns to promote meaningful, lifelong relationships between alumnae and Foundation
  • Funding educational programming at Conventions and Summer Leadership Seminars
  • Increasing the assets of the Foundation in order to help fund more educational programs, scholarships, collegiate, alumnae and staff training

May I designate how my gift will be used? 

Yes, your gift may be specified for scholarships, leadership training, and educational programming or as an unrestricted gift.  Unrestricted gifts are the most effective way to support the work of the Foundation.

May gifts be given in honor or memory of someone? 

Yes.  Recognition gifts honor special friends, new members, new initiates, new arrivals to the family, lifecycle events, graduations, birthdays, thank yous, etc.  A card is sent to the designated honoree(s).  Memorial gifts are a loving tribute and are deeply appreciated by families of the individual being remembered.  The family of the honoree will be notified with a card, as well.  All gifts of this nature are also acknowledged in the Foundation section of Columns.

May I make a provision in my will to leave a gift to Foundation? 

Foundation’s Legacy Society has been formed to recognize this type of estate planning.  Further information is available from the Foundation Development Director.

May I give something other than a cash gift now? 

Yes.  Stocks, bonds, securities, property, insurance policies and gifts of this sort may also be given as donations to the Foundation.

May I endow a scholarship through Foundation? 

Yes.  Perpetual scholarships can be established in your name, or in the name of any AEPhi you designate.  You may establish specific criteria for the award or leave it to the discretion of the Trustees.  Contact the Foundation Director of Development for more information.

Does the Foundation qualify for matching funds from participating companies? 

Yes.  Companies with a matching gift program may send a contribution to the foundation.  Some companies specify for which type of organizations they will match funds, please obtain the appropriate forms from their employer and follow the procedure listed.