New Member Program

First Avenue is Alpha Epsilon Phi’s new member program which lasts six to eight weeks and is designed to help new members understand the values of AEPhi, learn about AEPhi’s history and heritage, understand the responsibilities of membership, and become part of their collegiate chapter.  The First Avenue Road Map guides chapters in developing a well-rounded program while allowing them to select activities that meet the personalities of their members.  Topics covered include AEPhi’s history and values, chapter operations, Panhellenic and fraternity/sorority life on campus, standards, risk management, academic excellence and community service.  Initiation must be held within six to eight weeks of pledging unless otherwise required by the university.  This allows chapters to establish an initiation date that is compatible with the chapter and campus calendars.

New members receive mentors throughout First Avenue to help them acclimate to the AEPhi sisterhood.  They also participate in the Pearl Program in which they participate in a variety of activities to achieve cultural, activity, and sorority pearls representing the 27 pearls of the AEPhi badge.

Alpha Epsilon Phi recognizes that the college experience is more than just academics; the people members live with, social interactions and extracurricular activities also play a large role in shaping members’ experiences.  Our goal is to ensure our members have a positive experience as part of Alpha Epsilon Phi as well as within their larger college environment. One way we do this is by educating all members about alcohol consumption, hazing and sexual assault.  To that end, every new member must take GreekLifeEdu, an online prevention program and receive a score of at least 70.  GreekLifeEdu uses science-based research to educate students.  It is a non-opinionated course that aims not to tell the collegians what to think but to help them make decisions for themselves and effectively deal with the behavior of their peers.