Parent FAQs

Why should my daughter join a sorority?

The sorority experience is unique and enriches college life. Sorority membership offers young women numerous opportunities for leadership development and community involvement as well as personal and professional growth and an academic support network.

While sororities are considered social organizations, AEPhi champions scholarship and encourages its members to excel in academics. Most importantly AEPhi provides a “family” away from home – and fosters lifelong friendships between women.

What about academics? Will AEPhi interfere with my daughter’s education?

Academic excellence is one of AEPhi’s core values. We strive for academic excellence for our members and expect chapters to put academics before sorority events and sisterhood activities. Members are encouraged to balance schoolwork and social activities. Many chapters hold regular study sessions and maintain a study guide library to help members get through tough courses or labs; some chapters offer a peer-tutoring program as well.

More than half of AEPhi chapters have the highest combined GPA of all the sororities on their campuses; in fact, many even exceed the all-women’s average or the all-campus average!

I’m concerned about the cost – where does my money go?

Chapter fees cover the cost of chapter activities and programs. Membership fees cover the operational costs of the national organization and local chapter. National dues fund support provided by the national organization including visits from national representatives, educational programs and seminars, Summer Leadership and National Convention and resource materials, including chapter officer manuals and educational videos and speakers.  Additional fees cover AEPhi’s magazine, Columns and insurance coverage for the chapter, officers and volunteers.

Does AEPhi offer scholarships?

The Alpha Epsilon Phi Foundation awards academic scholarships each year for both undergraduates and graduate students.  Preference for undergraduate scholarships is given to juniors, seniors and graduate applicants must be entering at least the second year of their graduate studies. Applications are available on-line in January; the application deadline is April 1st.

Is there adult supervision in the sorority house?

All AEPhi houses are operated by independent house corporations and employ a full-time live-in adult supervisor. This “housemother” oversees all house operations – including maintenance, rules/regulations for residents and visitors and hiring of additional staff (housekeepers, cooks, etc.). The housemother also acts as a resource for the women living in the house.

What does AEPhi do to prevent hazing?

AEPhi – like all National Panhellenic Conference sororities – does not tolerate hazing. Hazing is a violation of university policy and is prohibited in most states, as well. Unfortunately hazing is a societal problem and is often confused with tradition on many college campuses. All allegations of hazing are thoroughly investigated and chapters face severe penalties if reported incidents are confirmed. Parents and new members are encouraged to call the AEPhi National Office at (203)748-0029 to report any suspected hazing violations. Or to report hazing anonymously, call the toll-free anti-hazing hotline at (888) NOT-HAZE or (888) 668-4293.

If I have a concern with a chapter policy or issue, should I call the National Office to resolve it?

First bring your concerns to the chapter president and/or advisor to see if the problem can be rectified on the chapter level. If it cannot be resolved, please call the National Office for further assistance.

My daughter is a senior and no longer living in the house – why is she expected to pay dues?

Membership in AEPhi lasts a lifetime – not just two or three years in college. As a senior, your daughter is entitled to participate in all chapter social events and as per the individual chapter’s policy, invited to eat meals in the house, if applicable. Out-of-house dues do not even begin to cover the benefits of membership. Maintaining that membership all four years guarantees that your daughter graduates as an alumna and will continue to be eligible for graduate scholarships, volunteer opportunities and legacy privileges – for a lifetime.

Why is my daughter expected to be back at school for recruitment when classes don’t even begin for over a week?

Many campuses hold sorority recruitment before classes begin – either in the fall or prior to winter semester – so the process will not interfere with the academic calendar. Because recruitment requires a lot of planning and preparation, often the chapter will expect all women back for a “work week” before recruitment even begins.