Government Relations/PAC

For the past few years, fraternity and sorority leaders have been working together to build a positive presence in Washington that helps to protect the fraternal experience we offer to our members. A logical extension of those efforts is the Fraternity and Sorority PAC, which seeks to provide financial aid to the campaigns of federal office candidates (House, Senate, and President) who support the objectives of fraternity life. Formed on March 1, 2005, the FSPAC allows Greeks to work together to visibly support our brothers and sisters in Congress and those who champion Greek issues.

Today, the FSPAC is the largest PAC focused solely on higher education issues. They have made contributions to a bipartisan slate of more than 100 candidates in their first four years of operations and more than 90% of those candidates have won their elections. They are especially proud that in 2006 they helped support the election of three sorority women in their first runs for the House of Representatives and the Senate.