Legacies and Recommendations


It is not the intent of National Council to suggest that every legacy be pledged.  It is our urgent request that every consideration possible be given them, and that they be evaluated carefully and with a great deal of thought. 

Remember:  A legacy brings with her a special interest in Alpha Epsilon Phi, as well as strong family support for the chapter.  Do not expect more from her than you do from other potential new members.  Do not take legacies for granted; they must still be recruited.  Be sure your chapter is educated as to the value of legacies, prior to recruitment week.

A legacy is a granddaughter, daughter or sister of an AEPhi, without regard to chapter. This includes step granddaughters, daughters and sisters and half sisters. Cousins and nieces are not considered legacies.

If a chapter has not achieved quota in formal recruitment or has not followed the Legacy Policy for any given year, it is required to bid all legacies for the next two years.

During recruitment, all voting members must make every attempt to meet and get to know all legacies.

A legacy SHOULD BE INVITED TO ALL PARTIES UP TO PREFERENCE, or at least two invitational rounds.  If she is invited to preference, she MUST appear on the first bid list.

If there is a potential objection to a legacy early in recruitment, the Vice President-Membership should be called and spoken to immediately.

If a potential new member has a sister in the chapter that is recruiting her, she MUST be offered a bid without chapter vote or discussion.

If a potential new member has a sister currently in a chapter other than the one that is recruiting her, it is expected that she will be given every consideration and it is hoped that she will be offered a bid.

The National Office should be notified of all legacies going through recruitment, as soon as the chapter is aware of this, in order to certify the credentials of the legacy.

For confirmed legacies that are not bid, it is the responsibility of the chapter recruitment chair and/or chapter president (with an advisor present) to call the legacy's family, at the time it is permissible under the campus Panhellenic rules.  The call is to inform them that the legacy has been dropped and why (a concrete reason must be given).  Failure to do so may cause the chapter to be placed on probation by National Council.

April 2011


Download a copy of the legacy policy (pdf) Uploaded November 2013


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