Member Development

Alpha Epsilon Phi’s membership development programs enhance our collegiate membership experience. 


AVENUES (Advocating Visions to Encourage New Understanding of Education and Sisterhood), is AEPhi’s total member education program.  AVENUES has six components representing the various phases of AEPhi membership and provides values based education and personal development throughout our membership.  AVENUES also promotes and fosters the development of good moral character, responsible citizenship, and improvement of physical and mental health.

The goals of AVENUES are:

  • To develop a lifetime commitment to AEPhi.
  • To provide education about the foundations and principles of our sisterhood.
  • To help sisters grow through their membership in AEPhi and attain their highest potential.
  • To develop educated, thoughtful sisters by addressing pertinent developmental issues and topics.
  • To develop personal relationships and lifelong friendships.

Click here for more information about the AVENUES program.

Leadership Development

Alpha Epsilon Phi offers our members unlimited opportunities for leadership development both in their chapter and within the national organization.  Chapters hold an annual officer transition workshop including training, goal setting and team building exercises.  This is followed by on-going leadership training and officer development throughout the year. 

At the national level, chapter leaders are given the opportunity to attend either the national convention or summer leadership program.  Educational workshops and speakers provide tools and resources to aid chapter officers in their roles as well as enhance their leadership skills.  AEPhi also provides scholarships for collegians to attend the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI), sponsored by the North-American Interfraternity Conference.  We also sponsor delegates to lobby the U.S. Congress in support of the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act.  These opportunities are made possible through the generosity of the Katz Leadership Fund of the Alpha Epsilon Phi Foundation.


Alpha Epsilon Phi recognizes that college is more than just academics.  Roommates, social interactions and extracurricular activities also play a large role in shaping the collegiate experience.

Our goal is to ensure our members have a positive experience within our sisterhood as well as within their larger college environment.  One way we do this is by educating all members about alcohol consumption, hazing and sexual assault.

To that end, every new member must take GreekLifeEdu, a cutting-edge online prevention program. GreekLifeEdu uses science-based research to educate students.  It is a non-opinionated course that teaches students the skills they need to make smart decisions and effectively deal with the behavior of their peers.