Alpha Epsilon Phi promotes lifetime membership and personal development through AVENUES:

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AVENUES is AEPhi’s total member education program that provides values based education and personal development throughout our membership.  It is designed to promote and foster the development of good moral character, responsible citizenship, and improvement of physical and mental health.

The goals of AVENUES are:

  • To develop a lifetime commitment to AEPhi.
  • To provide education about the foundations and principles of our sisterhood.
  • To help sisters grow through their membership in AEPhi and attain their highest potential.
  • To develop educated, thoughtful sisters by addressing pertinent developmental issues and topics.
  • To develop personal relationships and lifelong friendships.

AVENUES has six components representing the various phases of AEPhi membership.

First Avenue - First Avenue is AEPhi’s new member education program.  First Avenue is a six to eight week program designed to help new members understand the values of AEPhi, learn about AEPhi’s history and heritage, understand the responsibilities of membership, and become part of their collegiate chapter.  During First Avenue, the chapter provides scholastic support, information about the Greek community, and opportunities to bond with the sisters.  New members receive mentors throughout First Avenue to help them acclimate to the AEPhi sisterhood.  They also participate in the Pearl Program where they attend a variety of activities to achieve cultural, activity, and sorority pearls. 

Bridge to Second Avenue - After initiation, new members complete the Bridge to Second Avenue.  This Bridge provides a time for reflection on initiation and the values of AEPhi.  This Bridge also provides an opportunity for new initiates to meet with their chapter’s leadership to talk about how to make the most of their collegiate AEPhi experience.

Second Avenue - Second Avenue is AEPhi’s collegiate development program designed to provide members with a well-rounded collegiate experience by enhancing their quality of life through personal development, promoting health and wellness, and inspiring a lifelong commitment to Alpha Epsilon Phi.  Each year, members participate in six programs including three focusing on personal growth and life skills, two on health and wellness, and one on history and heritage. 

Junior and Senior Pathways - During their junior and senior years, members participate in Junior and Senior Pathways.  These Pathways complement the goals of Second Avenue and provide members with the tools to help their transition to life after college, including their lifelong commitment to AEPhi.  Members participate in one program during their junior year to help prepare for their academic and professional future.  They also participate in two programs during their senior year including one alumnae transition program and one topic selected by their senior class.

Bridge to Third Avenue - As members near their graduation, they participate in the Bridge to Third Avenue.  This is a time for members to reflect on their AEPhi experience, what they have gained from their collegiate membership, and what they want to get out of their alumnae membership.  This Bridge includes the Temple Degree Ceremony.

Third Avenue - After members graduate, we hope they will choose to stay connected and involved with AEPhi.  Alumnae involvement helps members realize the deeper, more enduring meaning of our sorority.  Third Avenue is AEPhi’s alumnae development program.  Third Avenue provides alumnae members with opportunities for personal and leadership development, connection with other AEPhi sisters, and volunteer service to AEPhi. 

As members progress through these phases of membership, they will be encouraged to reflect on their AEPhi experience.  We hope that by doing so their membership will take on greater meaning, and they will connect with all that our sorority has to offer.