AEPhi Today

Alpha Epsilon Phi is proud to build on the vision of our seven Jewish founders and the strong foundation of our first one hundred years.  To date we have chartered over 100 chapters and initiated over 80,000 members.  We provide a well-rounded, vibrant sorority experience for our collegiate and alumnae members focusing on sisterhood, community service and personal growth.  We are a Jewish sorority, but not a religious organization, with membership open to all college women, regardless of religion, who honor, respect and appreciate our Jewish identity and are comfortable in a culturally Jewish environment.  Our mission and core values statements guide our sorority activities and serve as the basis for our collegiate and alumnae experiences.


The mission of Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority is to inspire and support exemplary women dedicated to friendship and a lifelong commitment to Alpha Epsilon Phi while building on the vision of our Jewish founders.
-- February 1996


Above all else, Alpha Epsilon Phi inspires exemplary women who are:
Enriched by sisterhood and unconditional friendships,
Dedicated to selfless service and inspiring others, and
Committed to intellectual growth and personal development. 

As a lifelong member of Alpha Epsilon Phi, I will:
Respect our shared heritage and traditions,
Exhibit high ideals and moral character,
Fulfill expectations and responsibilities of membership, and
Continually exemplify the values of beauty, strength and wisdom
as embodied by the three columns of our insignia.