Alpha Epsilon Phi is a Jewish sorority dedicated to helping women become the best they can be. We prize individuality, encouraging each member to discover and develop the talents and abilities that make her unique. We welcome exemplary women of all backgrounds who honor, respect, and appreciate our heritage.

Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority was founded on October 24, 1909 by seven Jewish women at Barnard College in New York City.  Their goal was to foster lifelong friendship and sisterhood, academics, social involvement and community service while providing a home away from home for their members.  The dream that was born in a dorm room at Barnard College in 1909 continues to succeed, prosper and thrive on over 50 college and university campuses nationwide.


The mission of Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority is to inspire and support exemplary women dedicated to friendship and a lifelong commitment to Alpha Epsilon Phi while building on the vision of our Jewish founders.


Synagogue Connect

Alpha Epsilon Phi is pleased to join in partnership with Synagogue Connect to share information regarding opportunities for Jewish college students to worship in synagogues across the country, free of charge, for the High Holy Days.

Share this information with sisters who may be in search of a synagogue for Rosh Hashanah and/or Yom Kippur.


Convention 2019 Photos!

Thanks to GreekYearbook for being our official convention photography company. All photos from convention can be found online. GreekYearbook provides the best in sorority and fraternity composite, bid day, and convention photography for thousands of sorority and fraternity members across the United States and Canada.

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2019-2020 TEC

We are excited for Jessica Sirota, University of Maryland, who will be hitting the road for us in the fall. We can’t wait to see what adventures the coming year brings!

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2019 Convention

We can’t wait for sisters from Atlantic to Pacific to gather in Orlando, Florida for our 2019 Convention. For information on registering, email


Core Values

Above all else, Alpha Epsilon Phi inspires exemplary women who are:
Enriched by sisterhood and unconditional friendships,
Dedicated to selfless service and inspiring others, and
Committed to intellectual growth and personal development. 

As a lifelong member of Alpha Epsilon Phi, I will:
Respect our shared heritage and traditions,
Exhibit high ideals and moral character,
Fulfill expectations and responsibilities of membership, and
Continually exemplify the values of beauty, strength and wisdom as embodied by the three columns of our insignia.

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Our Jewish Identity

AEPhi welcomes, with open arms, hundreds of new members each year and seeks not only to live up to the ideals and goals of its original founders, but also to exceed them.  Throughout the past century, Alpha Epsilon Phi has built upon the foundation set by our seven Jewish founders.  Today we are a Jewish sorority, but not a religious organization, with membership open to all college women, regardless of religion, who honor, respect and appreciate our Jewish founding and are comfortable in a culturally Jewish environment. 

Members of Alpha Epsilon Phi have continued to make the vision of our founders a high priority as seen in our commitment to community service and philanthropy, our members’ continued academic excellence, our ongoing leadership training and development, our commitment to sisterhood and our aim of helping each member be the best she can be.

Interested in bringing AEPhi to your campus?

During the last few years, we have colonized several new groups who began as local Jewish interest groups or sororities who formed because Jewish women on their campuses were looking for a comfortable home.  If you are a prospective member, member of an interest group, campus professional, Panhellenic advisor or Panhellenic officer, please refer to the National Panhellenic Conference’s website for details on the extension process.  For more information, you can also contact the AEPhi National Office.

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