Parents and Families

Being a parent of a college-age woman can be a bit scary -- sending your daughter off to a new life away from home, hoping you have given her the foundation to make good decisions on her own - knowing that college is the first real step towards adulthood.

Alpha Epsilon Phi is the perfect place for your daughter to find a home away from home, a place where she can find lifelong friendships, become involved on her college campus, have a chance to participate in philanthropy and community service projects - all while remaining focused on the main reason for being at school - academics!

Alpha Epsilon Phi’s strength as the oldest Jewish sorority continues to help us maintain our strength in the Greek community. During the last several years, we have colonized new groups who began as local Jewish interest groups or sororities who formed because Jewish women on their campuses were looking for a comfortable home.  They wanted a sorority experience that felt familiar, comfortable, and respected their religious values and traditions; these women have found a home in AEPhi.

Alpha Epsilon Phi offers your daughter the opportunity to enhance her college experience through leadership opportunities, academic support, community service and philanthropic activities all while providing a traditional sorority experience based on Jewish values.

We also provide additional support and education through these formative years.  We are committed to providing the safest possible environment for our members and to help them make the best choices for themselves.  This is evidenced through our commitment to risk management education throughout the new member program and the collegiate years. Members become familiar with our alcohol policy, anti-hazing policy and policy on substance abuse.

Throughout your daughter’s new member education program, she will learn about the history, heritage, values and traditions of AEPhi and get to know the other members of her chapter.  Six to eight weeks after she joins the chapter, she will participate in the sorority’s initiation ceremony where she will learn the deeper meanings of the sorority.  Education doesn’t end with initiation.  AEPhi’s AVENUES program is a comprehensive member education program in the areas of history and heritage, health and wellness and personal growth and life skills.

Through the Alpha Epsilon Phi Foundation, we offer scholarships to support your daughters’ academic endeavors. Please read more about Foundation and scholarship opportunities.

AEPhi hopes you will be engaged throughout your daughter’s membership and involves parents in their daughter’s sorority experience through a Parents’ Club as well as locally planned parents’ activities often paired with campus homecoming activities, sporting events, and spirit weeks.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our National Office.